When you’re running your own business, expenses can add up. That’s why it’s important to consider pricing when choosing the right business tools for you. StyleSeat now offers an exclusive pricing structure (only available in a few metros) that is designed to help you earn more money and stop wasting money on marketing tools that don’t deliver. Here is exactly how the pricing works and why it’s better for the health of your business.


1. StyleSeat is FREE

  • Build your brand and list your business for free.
  • Get exposure to thousands of clients who search StyleSeat every week looking for their new long-term beauty professional.
  • We regularly run ads, feature professionals in marketing campaigns and on our website, and promote your profile across search engines and social media.


2. Only 3% Per Credit Card Charge

We all know credit card fees are a necessary business expense and that many clients today prefer the ease of paying with a card. But, most payments processing systems charge a variety of hidden fees depending on what card you charge and how you charge it which is confusing and hard to track. 

With StyleSeat, there are no surprises. It’s always 3% 

  • You can require upfront payments
  • Charge for no-shows and late cancellations
  • And charge clients safely with our touch-free payments system — a more comfortable and clean way to collect payments when health is top of mind.
  • Clients enjoy the experience and control of paying through StyleSeat so much, we see that they tend to tip 40% more than industry average.


3. You ONLY pay for marketing when it works.

  • We’re your around-the-clock marketing team. But, unlike any of our competitors, you ONLY pay when it works.
  • We run ads and promote your profile across search engines, social media, and marketing campaigns to help you get exposure.
  • When we bring you a new client, we keep 15% of the first appointment only and invest it back into marketing for you — tips are all yours! New StyleSeat clients are worth an average $550 a year so that one-time investment is well worth it.
  • We also do the work to help you fill last-minute cancellations and earn more on your most popular time slots. Again, you only ever pay for marketing when it works and you end the day with more money in your pocket.

We put together a quick calculation that shows how much you end up paying for solutions like Vagaro that have a monthly fee plus fees for additional features. 


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