Posting a business profile will help you attract the right clients. You can showcase your work, share your experience, and give potential clients a taste of your personality so they know what to expect in the salon/barbershop. But, just adding some basic information with a few photos isn’t going to cut it. Clients have hundreds of professionals to choose from — you’ll need to step up your game if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Here are some examples of StyleSeat professionals who know how to make the most of their business profiles — check them out and see what you can do to improve your strategy.

#1 Ditty Simpson

The two most important aspects of a great business profile are photos and an informative “about me” section. Ditty’s “about me” covers all the bases: how many years he’s been licensed, what he specializes in, and what kind of atmosphere to expect in his barbershop. He mentions that his core clientele consists of local professionals and it’s clear he kept that in mind while selecting his gallery photos — every client is dressed for success! Remember, your marketing should always be geared toward the “right” clients. If you cater to professionals, your profile should reflect that.

#2 Alex Wade

Alex’s “about me” is short and sweet, but he still covers the most important info: he’s licensed and he specializes in “crisp modern fading, razor work, and beard detailing.” Let’s be honest though, when you have great photos, they can do most of the talking for you. Alex’s photos are clean, bright, and 100% focused on his skill. Clients can get a close-up idea of exactly what to expect without any distracting backgrounds, filters, or fancy editing.

#3 Katilyn Boyer

Kaitlyn is only 23 and she knows what a great business profile is all about. She uses her banner photo to promote her personal branding (her name) which also happens to be her Instagram and Twitter handle ; ) She specializes in special effects, traditional, and editorial makeup and she has a photo example of each. Her “about me” gives you an idea of her personality but it also covers important information about her business that clients would want to know before booking.

#4 Julie Dastine    

Julie’s profile is full of personality. Her photos are fun and fashionable and although her “about me” is informative, it also shows off her charm and sense of humor. She starts by sharing her experience and credentials then shows clients that, despite her impressive background, she still knows how to have fun. She says if clients don’t feel prepared for paparazzi photos when they leave the salon, she hasn’t done her job. She even ends her “about me” with a “Drake” reference: “whether it’s sexy, edgy, flirty, or modest, it’s YOU. OWN IT (Drake voice).”

#5 Bebe Tran

Bebe understands that cleanliness (especially in the lash industry) is a huge concern for clients. In addition to sharing her philosophy, professional experience, and amazing before/after photos, Bebe explains her safety practices in detail. This could be the deciding factor for many potential clients. Try to consider what’s important to your ideal clients — is it atmosphere, style, professional experience? Use your “about me” section to show clients what makes you unique and post photos that show your true range and skill.

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