Your StyleSeat page is your own personal website. It’s designed to help you showcase your work, your salon, and yourself. When new clients search our directory, they look for professionals they would feel comfortable with, and professionals they could see themselves forming long term relationships with.

In order for new clients to discover you, your profile must be searchable.

We reviewed hundreds of StyleSeat profiles and found some common mistakes that can either discourage clients from booking with you or can make it impossible for new clients to discover you.

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These are the top five reasons your profile might not be performing as well as you think:

  1. You don’t have enough photos.

Your profile photo should be a picture of yourself. Clients want to see what you look like, what your style is like, and they want to know who to expect when they enter your salon for the first time.

In the banner section, we recommend you add a photo of your salon, barber shop, or spa. Give your clients a sense of what their experience will be like.

Think about it – when searching for a new restaurant on the internet, you expect to see photos of the food as well as photos of the restaurant. Would you trust a restaurant that didn’t post photos?

Most importantly, you must have at least four photos in your gallery to be searchable in the directory.

You are great at what you do, it’s time to show off! Post the best photos of the services you offer. Convince potential clients they need look no further – you are the professional they have been looking for.

2. You haven’t listed your address.

Adding an address allows clients in your area to discover you. When clients search for professionals in your city, you will not appear in their search results if you do not have an address listed.

STYLESEAT TIP: Make sure your address is detectable in search. When filling out your profile information, do not include your salon name in the address box. There is a separate text box where you can fill out your salon name.

3. You don’t have a bio.

Stand out from your competitors. Include your experience, your specialties, and what you are passionate about in your bio. The more information you provide, the more comfortable new clients will feel booking with you.

4. Your service menu is confusing.

Clients use keywords like “Haircut” or “Manicure” to find the services they need. If you do not use commonly searched terms when labeling your services, it will be difficult for clients to find you.

Use Names like “Men’s Haircut.” Do not use names like “Dude’s Freshen Up.”

5. You don’t promote your profile.

Did you know each StyleSeat profile comes with a custom link? This link is the key to promoting your business. Post this link on your social media to market yourself. When potential clients click this link, the will be sent directly to your profile to book an appointment.

Another great way to promote your page and beef up your reputation is to encourage clients to leave reviews and “heart” the photos in your gallery. The more love you get from current clients, the more trust you will gain from new ones.

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Profiles courtesy of Paul Wall and Teren Nicole.


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