Top 5 Stylists in Denver, Colorado

Check out some of Denver's most booked, highest rated, and overall most impressive stylists. 

We’ve shared “pro tips” from some of our top stylists in Tampa and New Orleans. This week we head to Colorado to feature some of our most booked and highest rated stylists. Learn their stories, tips for success and why clients love booking with them!

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Tonie Jones.jpg

Tonie, also known as “the brow snob,” is a makeup artist and brow expert. Her attention to detail and dedication to perfection has convinced many clients to become “snobs” about their brows as well. If you read her reviews, you’ll find that Tonie has given clients the brows they’ve always dreamed of but never thought possible before visiting her.  

  • Years in the business: 2

  • Passionate about: Helping my clients find happiness with the person in the mirror. Right now, brows are the defining feature of beauty. I make beautiful brows attainable for all my clients regardless of their brow history. In 15 minutes, my client can have a new perspective and a greater love for themselves.

  • Pro Tip: In addition to being a brow and makeup artist, I am a cancer survivor. I lost my hair and my brows during treatment, and the importance of brows changed for me. I realized brows are more than aesthetically pleasing; they are necessary to express yourself, to show emotion or define your face. Without brows you become invisible. With bad brows you feel misunderstood. Brows play a huge role in emotional well being. It is important to help bring the feeling of self expression to every client.

  • Wackiest client request:  I had a client who was new and very hyped about her brows. She came in and gave specific instructions on how she wanted then groomed. Ok, not groomed. She repeatedly said, "Don't give me a shape. I don't want them shaped.”  She had beautiful thick brows, but they did need a shape. I handed her the mirror and she watched as I took about 5 hairs from each brow. Then she yelled, “Perfect!” I was thinking what? You could've done that with tweezers yourself. She was super happy. I just shook my head and thanked her for coming in.

  • Review: "Tonie is warm, professional, and my brows look fantastic. She is very detail oriented, and spent a lot of time making sure my brows were perfect. I'll definitely be back." -- Emily G.


Instagram: @TheBrowSnobDenver


Cherri McKinney 3.jpg

Cherri is known for her ability to turn an awkward situation, like waxing, into a comfortable and relaxing experience for her clients. As one client states, “Cherri is professional, hygienic, incredibly attentive to detail, and is truly passionate about her work.” Many of Cherri’s clients have been seeing her for over ten years. They love her sense of humor, her authenticity, and they wouldn’t trust their waxing needs with anyone else.

  • Years in the business: 13

  • Passionate about: Being an asset in my clients lives. I enjoy making things easier than people expect.

  • Pro Tip: Act like you have a boss. Assume you have someone to be accountable to about how many hours you work, the cleanliness of your work space, etc.

  • Wackiest client request: I've been asked to wax the remaining hair off a balding man’s head.

  • Review: "Not only is Cherri the best, she is the also the most professional, skilled, and wonderful person. Whether you are getting your brows done or a brazilian, she is the cream of the crop. I can't say enough about her and her waxing skills."



Candace Walker.jpg

Winner of Denver’s “2012 Top of the Town Best Facial,” Candace combines over 18 years of professional skin care experience with a passion for making people look and feel their best. Candace has degrees in Paramedical Skin Care and Neuromuscular and Sports Massage. She is a former Aveda Institute Educator, and Makeup Artist for weddings, editorials, and fashion shows including Denver Fashion Week.

  • Years in the business: 18

  • Passionate about: Giving my guests an A+ experience using the most modern technology, and educating my clients.

  • Pro Tip: Consistency and professionalism are keys to a successful business.

  • Wackiest client request: Someone once wanted to snapchat getting a chest wax with me. It was pretty unusual!

  • Review: "I LOVE Candace and all she offers at Pure Elegance Spa. I go to her for all my beauty needs and she does each service with the perfection I expect and I never feel awkward. My favorite are her facials. I love the fresh, young, dewy look I have when leaving her salon that lasts days later!"  - Briana P


    Instagram: @candacehearts



Andrea Baily.jpg

Andrea’s clients love how she takes time to relate and listen to their needs. As one of her reviews mentions, “She has an uncanny knack for understanding exactly what you want in a haircut, and she does it well.” Andrea believes that being a part of the beauty industry is a privilege, and she loves each opportunity to embrace her clients’ unique style.  

  • Years in the business: 10

  • Passionate about: Bringing out the best in people as they bring it out in me. I believe in being non judgemental, having an open heart and an open seat in my chair so I can learn from whoever walks into my life.

  • Pro Tip: Never give up, educate where you feel you are lacking, and most of all - let personality and artistic talents shine and the world will be your oyster!

  • Wackiest client request: A client once asked, "Can I have my hair clippings so I can make a mosaic of my emotional state?" Which I immediately obliged. I’ve also gotten, "If I take my shirt off before you put the cape on does that mean you will shave my back,” which I did not do.  

Review: "Super knowledgeable on her craft and even gave me great tips for styling my look! She was super friendly and made me feel like I've been going to her for years even though it was my first time. I am definitely recommending her to everyone! - Christine R.




Eboni Washington.jpg

Eboni’s goal is to give everyone the opportunity to have beautiful hair. She believes in helping her clients get to a place of comfort and confidence, “I want them to be able to fall back in love with their hair.” She even helps her clients refine their at-home routine by asking questions, listening, and providing guidance so they can maintain that fresh salon look.

  • Years in the business: I have been in the salon since the late 90s. I started as a shampoo girl, worked my way through the salon as a receptionist and assistant, and with hard work, obtained my hair license in 2004. I have been in business for myself at Phenomenal Beauty Salon in Denver, Colorado since 2010.

  • Passionate about: The joy I see when my client gets their first look in the mirror.

  • Pro Tip: Believe in yourself. Take your time and be patient with your craft. You have to crawl before you can walk, and then you start running! And remember, kindness goes a long way.

  • Wackiest client request: When I first started at the salon, a woman came in and she had rubber banded her hair into four sections. She said, “I want you to cut my hair right where the rubber bands are now.” I thought that was odd. I tried to explain that her hair would be very different than what she was trying to achieve with the rubber bands. I couldn't convince her otherwise, and when I was finished, she only had ten dollars.

  • Review: "Eboni is truly a professional and has great knowledge of hair and the products she uses in your hair. I had a silk press, trim, and style. I waked out of her shop looking and feeling great. Also, I was not in there all day."




Instagram: @phenomenalbeautysalon


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