Top 5 Stylists in Brooklyn, New York

We reached out to some of our most booked professionals in Brooklyn to get their tips for success. 

We reached out to some of our most booked professionals in Brooklyn to get their tips for success. Turns out, they are killing it on Instagram as well. Check out their bios to see what drives them and make sure to check out their Instagram accounts to see the content they use to engage with their audience and grow their following.

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Gillian believes “looking good = feeling good.” As founder of “The Best Me Program,” she teaches important financial, beauty, and wellness skills to young women to empower them and give them the confidence they need to succeed. Although running a community program can be a full-time job itself, Gillian still manages to deliver amazing services, educate other stylists, and remain in high demand from coast to coast.  

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  • Years in the business: Over twenty years.

  • Pro Tip: Be consistent, professional, and focused on great customer service.

  • Passionate about: I'm passionate about giving my best and loving what I do because when you love what you do it reflects in your work no matter what field you're in. Also, I treat all of my customers like they're celebrities so they are not only happy with their hairstyle but they're also happy about the experience.

  • Wackiest client request: The wackiest request I receive is when a client wants to achieve a hairstyle that isn’t realistic due to their hair texture.

Client Review: "OMG! I am in awe of this woman, I had partial highlights and a badass cut. Gillian is PHENOMENAL! My hair is stunning. The highlights and the cut are perfect with my complexion and personality. Gillian Garcia to di wurrrl! ❤️❤️❤️❤️" -- Sophia C.

Xia Charles.jpg

Clients rave about Xia’s ability to deliver intricate and unique braids while making sure they are completely comfortable every step of the way. Her work is so flawless, clients get stopped regularly by strangers to find out where they got there hair done. One client even said her service with Xai was the, “first hairstyle my husband ever applauded lol.”

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  • Years in the business: I've been doing hair since October 2015.

  • Pro Tip: I've managed to run a successful business based on my personality and my quality of work. My work definitely speaks for itself and my clients leave the store with an enhanced image and a mountain of confidence.

  • Passionate about: My passion lies with the overwhelming responses from every customer that steps off my chair after being touched by the gifted hands. My heart warms and it resonates through my ever pleasant smile.

  • Wackiest client request: Customers for me are the foundation to my business. I don't really consider a request whack as everyone has different ways of expressing what they want. But I have been asked before if I can do a box braid weave which left me lost for sometime. I was thinking, what can this style possibly be? I spent a long time laughing and then I asked, “Is it weave you want or braids?” Person told me I need to learn about hair before starting a business, so that was the end of the conversation. For me that was funny and probably the funniest request I ever had. Period!!!

Client Review: "Literally the best braiding experience I’ve ever had. Kept getting compliments all day. Will be returning very soon. Thanks Shy, you’re the best." -- Jessica C.

Nikki G.jpg

Nikki is a Brooklyn native and creator of “Mane Diva,” a luxury hairline she originally started to make it easy for her clients to find quality hair. Now, her products have become so popular, she supplies to woman across the country. In the salon, Nikki goes above and beyond to make all her clients feel at home. Even first time clients say they felt like they were visiting an old friend during their first appointment.  

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  • Years in the business: I’ve been doing hair outside of owning my own salon for 13 years. I’ve owned my business for 3 years now. Despite the many challenges, it was and still is the best decision I ever made.

  • Pro Tip: One piece of advice I would give fellow entrepreneurs is follow your gut! It tells you all the answered you need to know. It will help you make each decision, every hire, and fire. Trust yourself.

  • Passionate about: Hair was a passion of mine since I was a child! I love to see each client SMILE at the end. A new look can make anyone feel like a million bucks. It’s the best feeling in the world.

  • Wackiest client request: One wacky experience in the salon was being asked to do the client’s hair for free. LOL

Client Review: "Such a sweetheart, gave tons of information on care for a newbie to the wig life. Great wig great atmosphere definitely will be a returning client. Lace frontal is realistic looking and natural." --  Shardai J

Liz Owusu.jpg

Liz’s clients refer to her as the “miracle worker” for her power to bring damaged hair back to life. She is the master stylist and owner of LizLovesHair and she only uses the safest and gentlest colors and relaxers on the market. When you sit down in Liz’s chair you always get more than just a haircut, expect a pep talk and mini haircare seminar as well ; )

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  • Years in the business: I've been in the hair business for 21 years. I started as shampoo girl when I was 14 years old working in Time Out Salon on 40 Lexington Ave when I was in high school.

  • Pro Tip: One piece of advice about running a great business is you must be passionate about it. You have to love it. You can't do it thinking "I'm going to be rich" it has to be something you love. That's the fastest way to become successful because that passion will show in your work and how you treat your clients. That's what keeps them coming back. And it certainly gets you through the tough days.

  • Passionate about: I am most passionate about healthy hair. It's something I take pride in. Women come to me with a plethora of hair issues and my goal is to solve them the most healthy way possible. I'm a stylist who isn't afraid to say no to something that may very well compromise the integrity of the hair. So anyone who comes to me is coming because they care about the health of their hair and making an appointment with me is the first step on that journey.

  • Wackiest client request: Anything that I would consider hair suicide -- meaning, it would absolutely kill their hair. Women asking to relax and bleach their hair on the same day is pretty wacky in my book and it happens often. No funny stories here. Pretty much any client asking me to do something that compromises my integrity as a hair care specialist I would consider to be wacky.

Client Review: "My experience at Lizloveshair is never anything less than stellar. Liz is an HONEST and experienced hairdresser! She really listens to her customers and works her hardest so you walk away with a positive experience and a healthy head. She’s all about the long term health of your hair. She's worth every penny!" -- Phindile K.

Sherese Gould .jpg Sherese is a highly sought after makeup artist known for her carnival makeup magic. Her looks are so popular, she’s been known to fill her schedule within twenty minutes of opening it. She slays wedding parties, halloween makeup, editorial shoots, and more all while keeping up her own flawless look in all her photos.  

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  • Years in the business: I've been freelancing for about two and a half years now.

  • Pro Tip: You can only get better! Remain consistent and determined.

  • Passionate about: I am extremely passionate about the hard work that I put in and the amount of love I receive from my clients. It makes me happy to see them excited before and after getting their makeup done.

  • Wackiest client request: Wow, I have so many. I once had someone tell me to make sure that I'm available to do their face when they pass away!

Client Review: "Sherese's work never disappoints. I can always count on her to slay my face. There is honestly no other makeup artist around that can level up to her work. I'll def be back next year for my birthday." --  Rolanda B.


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