Should I Hire a Salon Assistant?

Imagine if you could find a way to streamline your business without having to hire, train, and pay an assistant.


At one point, you made the exciting (and scary) decision to be your own boss. Being independent sounded great -- it meant you got to keep the money you made, it meant more creative freedom and more fun right? But now that you have an established business, you have a decent client list and a packed schedule, you’ve probably found that you’re working harder than ever and could really use some help.

Imagine the improvements you could make to your business if you had someone to answer your phone, book appointments, and take care of repetitive tasks for you. Even better, imagine if you could find a way to streamline your business without having to hire, train, and pay an assistant. Well, there is a way -- it’s called a booking and scheduling app. Here are the top three reasons it will replace your need for an assistant and allow you to work less and make more money.


  • Your number one time waster right now? Answering emails, phone calls, and texts messages from clients.

  • Booking apps like StyleSeat allow you to share your appointment calendar online. Clients can pick a service from your service menu, find a time that works for them, and book their own appointment. They can even re-schedule without having to call you. You’ll get notified when a client books and your client will receive a confirmation email/text.

  • Not only does this eliminate your biggest time waster, it also prevents scheduling mistakes and improves your client experience. Clients love booking online because they can book outside of business hours -- no more phone tag! Happy clients + an organized schedule = more money and more free time :)


  • Everyone has a few clients who are chronically late. When appointments don’t start on time, it throws of your schedule and forces you to lose valuable time waiting around for a client to show up.

  • StyleSeat gives you the power to enforce a no-show/late cancellation policy. Clients enter a credit card when they book an appointment so you are compensated for your time even if they don’t show up.

  • Enforcing a NSLC policy isn’t just about getting paid, it’s about training your clients to respect your time. When clients take your business seriously, your schedule runs smoothly.


  • Booking software can completely automated appointment reminders through email and text messages so you don’t have to check in with clients multiple times to make sure they show up. And, after each appointment, StyleSeat send your clients a reminder to leave a review. That’s another big task eliminated from your to-do list!

  • Improving your business is all about spending time on the right clients. Tools like client notes help you remember important information like birthdays, but they also help you keep track of clients who are constantly wasting your time. You can keep track of clients who are never satisfied, who always stress you out, or who show up late. StyleSeat even has a handy tool that allows you to block clients from booking once you decide they are sucking more out of your business than they're worth.

  • With the right client notes, you can also be more strategic with your marketing and upselling. You can make note of which clients are interested in certain products or services and stop wasting time selling to the clients who aren’t.


Looking for tools to help you run your business? Try StyleSeathere.   

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