#PuckerUp Instagram Photo Contest: Valentine's Day Winners Announced

Join us congratulating our #PuckerUp contest winners!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


We are excited to announce our #PuckerUp Instagram photo contest winners today! We asked that you post pictures of yourself to show how you were getting ready for Valentine’s Day, and we had some incredibly fun and beautiful submissions!


Please join us in congratulating our four #PuckerUp winners who all picked up $150 in StyleSeat cash. We think these professionals really nailed it:


1. @MillyOnLashes

Milly is an eyelash extension specialist residing in Tampa, FL. If you take a look at her Instagram page, you’ll see why she was chosen as a winner for this contest. Her work is remarkable. If you’re in the Tampa, Florida area, book with Milly to get some simply-to-die-for lashes!


2. @BashCutz

Bash Cutz is a seasoned Barber with over 13 years of experience residing in Los Angeles, CA. From the looks of his Instagram account, Bash is gifted with the clippers. If you are in need of a cut, head on over to his StyleSeat profile and lock in an appointment.

bashcutz .jpg

3. @ShonsanksProArist

Shonsanks is a exquisite makeup artist whose work looks like it belongs in the pages of Vogue. Residing in Columbus, GA, Shonsank would be my number one choice if I’m ever in the area. You can book your appointments here.

shonsanksproartist.jpgPhoto By Michael Carson

4. @Ms_AmandaCure

Amanda is one of our Bay Area professionals working in Dublin, CA. She clearly has the gift of creativity as these nails are just adorable. Aside from manicures, she also does acrylic, pedicures, and can handle the tiny fingers and toes of your children. I’ll be seeing you soon Amanda! Bookings with Amanda are available here.

Vday nails.jpg


We hope you had as much fun as we did with this contest. If you didn’t happen to win this time around, stay tuned! There will be more chances to win cool cash and schwag in the future.


Hope you all have a Happy Valentine’s Day!