People are dyeing their hair like the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino...

When People Find Hair Inspiration from a 500 Calorie Drink


Photo from stylist Queen Atapka

Scroll through any hair colorist’s Pinterest, and you will find an abundance of “Hair Color Inspiration” photos - pictures of tangerine sunsets, purple galaxies, icy blue water and rainbows. These #colorinspo photos are usually displayed side-by-side with a photo of the client’s new hair, freshly transformed from a standard blonde to some incredible interpretation of a starry night sky - deep blues, cloudy purples, and swirling golden starlight. The accuracy of these colors is so impressive, it makes you wonder if these stylists should be considered artists instead.

After months of pop culture obsessing over silvers, platinums, and grays, a new, slightly strange, hair color trend is dominating Instagram feeds everywhere. That trend? The Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino. The color trio consists of a blue, pink and white swirl and people are eating it up (literally and figuratively).


Courtesy of Instagram/ @caitlinfordhair and @hairbymisskellyo

Even one of our engineers here at StyleSeat has succumbed to the unicorn madness. When asked where he got his inspiration however, he insists his hair color was the result of an at-home dye job gone wrong and his trendiness is purely coincidental. 





Written by Datev Gallagher