Marketing Ideas To Boost Bookings for Valentine’s Day

Your marketing efforts don’t have to die down after January 1st.

The holiday season is the the busiest and most profitable time of year for most stylists. But your marketing efforts don’t have to die down after January 1st, there are lots of excuses throughout the year to market you specials and boost bookings.

Valentine's day is celebrated by most americans -- on average, people are willing to spend about $200 on gifts and in a survey by Lockhartmeyer, spa treatments were the third most requested gift! Here are a few ideas to help you increase bookings during the month of love ; ) 


You’re marketing to three groups of people:

  • Clients who want to look good for a date

  • Clients who want to give their partner or friend a service as a gift

  • And clients who are single and want to treat themselves

Come up with a few promotional ideas. What are some ways you can package and rename services to appeal to your Valentine's day audience?

  • Choose a few “add-on” services and package them with a main service at a small discount.

  • Give the package a clever valentines day theme.

  • Promote your special across social media and in an email marketing campaign.

  • Business management apps like StyleSeat offer email marketing tools that make it easy to send customized messages to your client’s inbox.



Ok, this one doesn't just apply to men, BUT statistically, men spend more on V-day presents every year so when you market to the “gift givers” you are mostly marketing to men.

  • Print some promotional cards to market your specials and display them at your station for your male clients to see while they’re in the chair.

  • They should say something like:

Forget the chocolates, get her what she really wants this year ; )

“The Hot Date”

Blow dry, Salon Gloss, Manicure, and Brows


($30 savings!)


Order some samples of your retail products, attach cute valentines, and give them to your clients throughout February. Not only will your clients feel appreciated, they’ll also get a taste of the products you have to offer and potentially make a purchase in the future.

Remember, you should track and learn from every marketing effort. Take note of the clients you give free samples to - how many end up making a purchase? Was it worth the time and effort of your marketing?


If you want clients to book additional service, you’ll need to inspire them.

  • Keep a collection of all your best Valentine's day looks and post them to your Instagram, Facebook, Pinterests, and Business Profile throughout February.

  • In the caption, let your clients know which service it is, if you’re running a special on it, and give them a call-to-action like this:

“Click the link in my bio to get this Valentine’s nail art.”

  • If you don’t have your own collection of looks, repost looks from other artist that inspire you -- always tag and give them credit. Write something like this in the caption:

“These nails by @nailartgenius are perfection. Want to give this look a try? Book an appointment from the link in my bio : )"


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