As COVID-19 continues to shape the beauty industry, we can expect to see additional changes and even the possibility of future closures. As regulations pivot, the best way to stay ahead of future changes is to keep your clients in the loop.

Here’s how to keep your clients up to speed:

Send a Mass Email

Have a templated email ready to send to your full client list. When a change comes into action, you’ll be ready to send out a personal note to your client list.

Hey [First Name],

I hope this email finds you healthy and safe! As you may have heard, as of [Date] we are now required to [Policy Change]. Moving forward you can [New Process for Clients].
Thank you for your flexibility we can’t wait to see you in the salon!

[Your Name]

Send a Pre-Appointment Note

For any clients with an upcoming appointment, take time to send them a pre-appointment note to fill them in on your COVID-19 protocols. If there are new policy requirements (such as waiting outside or wearing a mask), use this time to give them a heads up a day before their appointment.

Post on Social Media

Take advantage of your social channels to update our clients. You can use feed posts to update your hours, availability, or any policy changes (such as limited services) and use stories to draw attention to your post. Update your social bio to reflect your current status or add a link to direct clients to a COVID-19 information page.

Create a Reopening Page

House all of your updates, regulations, and precautions in one place with a reopening page on your professional website. Here you can outline what clients should expect, how to prepare, what to bring, and what to do before coming in for their next appointment. Are you accepting cash, walk-ins, or additional guests? Outline your latest changes on this page and keep it up to date.

Reflect Changes on StyleSeat

As regulations pivot, update your hours and services on your StyleSeat profile to adhere to new changes. Plus, you can take advantage of your StyleSeat bio to add any important information or policy changes.

As you roll with the punches of COVID-19, keeping clients up to speed is the best way to stay ahead of the uncertainty and retain loyal clients along the way.

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