Any modern business owner knows the importance of reviews and the power of social proof. Today, clients do their research. Clients read comments, browse portfolios, and research your salon all before booking — making your photos and reviews two of the most important features on your profile. Now clients can add photos to their reviews, allowing you to showcase more of your hard work and helping you earn future bookings.

How it Works

After a client wraps up their appointment, they will be prompted to leave a photo along with their written review. Here your client can rate their experience and upload photos from their library or snap them on the spot.

Pin Your Best Review

In the age of social media, clients expect to get the information they need in a matter of seconds. That’s why it’s important to hook potential clients the moment they land on your StyleSeat page. To display your best work, you can pin your best client review to the top of your booking page by tapping the pin button next to any review. 

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  • Medium/Long colored plus designs acrylic full set
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