Instead of copying your URL manually, now you can instantly share your profile link from your StyleSeat app. Spread the word that you’re available to book on StyleSeat with the touch of a button.

How it Works

Open the StyleSeat App on your phone (iOs or Android), edit your profile ,and select Promote Profile.

This will give you the option to copy your VIP link or instantly share your profile on Twitter, Facebook, through email, or text message. 

Tap any of the app icons and post your profile and seamlessly share your StyleSeat page with your network.

Promote Your Profile in a Tap

Want to market your business instantly? We designed a promotional graphic piece just for you. Tap the photo to share your StyleSeat promotion on the social channel of your choice.

Plus, we’ve included a personalized caption complete with hashtags to share alongside your photo — so you can instantly market your business and get back to doing what you love.

Simply hold the paragraph to copy and paste as your caption on Instagram or Facebook.

From the StyleSeat website On a computer, select More and click on Promotion. Here you can share your profile link and promotion graphic directly from your browser. 

Plus, with the help of some copy and paste code, you can link to your profile from your website, blog, or Facebook page with a personalized book button. Simply copy the code in the box provided and paste into your website code or add it to your Facebook page. For help on adding buttons to Facebook, check out their guide here.

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