Double booking is a balancing act and a controversial topic in the beauty industry. If you do it right, you could make as much as $500 extra dollars a day. If you do it wrong, you can piss off clients, overwork yourself, and ruin the quality of your work.


If you start double booking, you need to understand the exact timing of your services.

  • How long does it take for your color service to process? 45min?
  • If a haircut takes 45 min, then you can double book.
  • Be realistic about timing, never cut one of the services short.

Start experimenting with one double booking a day for a couple weeks. Then if it goes well, try doing two a day. Learn exactly how long it takes to finish certain services without compromising the quality.


This is where things get tricky. Without communication, double booking seems like a nightmare to clients.

  • They feel underappreciated — they don’t want to share you.
  • They worry that you are distracted and their service won’t get done properly.
  • You might seem unorganized.

Avoid this by letting your clients know what you’re doing each step if the way. Most clients just need to know the game plan to feel comfortable.

Say this:

  • “I’m finishing up your highlights and will check on you in 30 minutes. You’ll take about 45 minutes to process.”
  • “I’ll be working on another client while you relax. I’ll set my timer and make sure to check your color on time.”
  • “When you’re ready, we’ll shampoo out your color, tone for five minutes and then start your haircut.”
  • “Can I get you anything to drink or read?”


After you’ve experimented with double booking and you’re ready to make it a regular part of your schedule, it’s time to set some boundaries.

No matter how great you are at double booking, some clients are not going to like it. Some will even request that you don’t double book them at all.

You have two choices:

  • If they are a long-time loyal client and you’ve recently started double booking, you could consider giving them special treatment while they adjust.
  • OR, you could charge them more for their special request.
  • Time is money. Weigh your options and see which decision is best for your business.

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