The Evolution Of A Haircut

Get inspired with Cat's story of major hair change. 

Hairstory interviewed producer Cat Meyer on her personal style story. People often go through their whole lives scared to change their hair. The prevailing attitude about length is that if you cut it short you’ll be forever caught in transitional limbo trying to grow it out again. But Cat dove into cut and color to disprove the theory with these twelve looks over the past two years that are anything but transitional – each is an end in itself (but the transitions are never-ending). The moral of her hairstory is that timid choices rarely pay off. So be bold, and don't be scared.

As winter is a time of reflection and introspection, it's an amazing practice for me to look at myself in all these different incarnations. I look at some of them and think how young I felt, how excited I felt, how in control I felt, how out-of-control I felt. Here it is, my hair journal from the past year.

It started with an aura reading in Chinatown. I was told my aura was yellow, and in the trusted hands of my mentor Victoria Hunter, decided to bleach my entire head for the first time. She was able to give me these Kurt Cobain inspired roots – that although clearly unnatural – seemed to grow right out of my scalp as if my hair had always been yellow.

This color changed how people saw me. I had mousy brown hair before this moment – my entire adult life a series of Zooey Deschanel moments. However, this color demanded attention, and over the year I would be come more and more comfortable with exactly that.

Then Michael began to cut my hair, and it was another entirely new experience. At first he cropped it to about shoulder length, which looked great – but my propensity for putting it up in strange pony-tails irked both of us; so we decided to go shorter. Michael is the first person to use scissors rather than a razor on my hair, which has resulted in cuts with more defined lines and bold shapes.

Working with Roxie is incredible. She customizes my color to where I am in my life: the season, my skin, what I’m doing – surfing, yoga, hibernating. She finds out everything she can because she has a deep understanding of her responsibility: placing color in the world.

When you look at these pictures it’s about the hair – but honestly it’s what the hair says about the person.

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Written by Hairstory Studio
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