Salon marketing can be expensive and time consuming for independent stylists unless you do it right. Believe it or not, the two most effective marketing tools are FREE: social media and client reviews — combine the two, and you’ve got marketing gold.

Reviews boost your credibility and increase bookings. In fact, 88% of people trust online reviews and won’t make a purchase (or booking) without them. Put yourself in your client’s shoes. Would you roll the dice on a stylist? No. If you were considering booking with a new professional and you read a review like this, think you would book?


But how do you get people to leave reviews and how do you make sure potential clients see them?

Online booking and appointment scheduling apps like StyleSeat make it easy to collect reviews and share them straight to Facebook.

  • After each appointment, clients get a thank you email promoting them to leave a review.
  • Reviews are automatically posted to your booking page for potential clients to read.
  • And, next to each review, you’ll see a “Share to Facebook” button so you can share your rockstar reviews with followers.


Facebook continues to roll out features that help clients find and connect with businesses — if you want to attract new clients, building a Facebook presence is a no-brainer for your salon marketing stratagy. 

  • When fans engage with your page, their friends and family will see your post pop up in their news feed. That’s free exposure to potential clients.
  • Not only is it free, it’s marketing to the right people. Getting your business in front of people who are already connected and have things in common with your existing loyal clientele will increase your chances of attracting the right clients.
  • Advertising your business across multiple platforms gives potential clients even more opportunities to discover your services and booking page.
  • A well developed social presence will improve your ranking on Google and other search engines. If you aren’t familiar with this concept — basically, Google decides how credible your website is based on the quality of your content and how many other credible sites link back to yours. The more credible you are, the higher you will appear in the search results page. (Check out this article for more info) 
  • Your competition is already on Facebook. Clients are scrolling past photos of their work every day. Do you want to miss out?

When you use StyleSeat to share your reviews to Facebook, each post will include a link back to your booking page — the fewer steps clients have to take, the more likely they’ll be to push that book button.

Clients today are conditioned to expect convenience and simplicity. They can order anything they need online any time of day. Most people scroll through Facebook after work — imagine this: they come across an awesome photo of your work, they click through your profile, they read an amazing review and they find out they can book an appointment on the spot.

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Client Reviews are Free Salon Marketing
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Client Reviews are Free Salon Marketing
Salon marketing can be expensive for independent stylists unless you do it right. Believe it or not, the two best marketing tools are FREE
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