Buh Bye Lavendar, Hello Denim Hair

Insider tips on the most universally flattering hair trend!


Forget about mermaid hues. When it comes to hair color, denim-inspired shades are having a major moment. The cool part about going indigo? Unlike with lavender or dusty pink, salon-made shades of indigo cover a wide spectrum, from Ryan Lochte's stonewashed hair or the ultra dark-rinse dye job on Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams—so it’s easy to rock a color that’s totally unique. 

While going blue may seem like a tricky endeavor, StyleSeat stylist Parichehr Milani, who co-owns Wednesdae salon, says the trend is universally flattering. “Cool tones look good on a lot of skin tones and it's easy to customize hair color depending on what look you are going for,” she says, pointing to dark blues, acid washed denims and smokey metals as options on the trend. What’s more, Milani says that shades of indigo look great from day one until they’re completely faded (unlike shades of green and yellow, which can fade into a dishwater-y color). 

Can you think of a better way to get the blues? Neither can we. Here are Milani’s best tips for going indigo and nailing unique color that lasts (almost) as long as your favorite pair of jeans:

Prepare to invest: Unconventional dye jobs may be temporary (many last about three weeks), but that doesn’t mean that achieving the perfect denim shade should be quick. When starting with dark hair, multiple sessions may need to be scheduled to get the right look. “If you are a dark-to-medium blonde, it could be crafted in one session. But darker hair needs to be processed,” Milani explains. “Prepare to spend some time in the chair. These things take time and it can be costly. Darker locks and coarse hair require a little bit more of a process, but it’s worth it.”

Dress the part: “Don't wear anything white or light colored when you come in for your session,” advises Milani. “The color may transfer onto your clothes.” And the same rule applies once home from your appointment—freshly-dyed hair may stain bath towels, pillowcases, and hats the stylist points out.

Create a custom shade: One way to stand out when going for a trendy hair color? Ask your stylist to create a shade that’s unique to you. “I prefer to sit and mix colours with my client so he or she can love it before it even is applied to their hair,” Milani says. “It makes it a more carefully curated experience. I also love having multiple different colors in different tones and color lines to mix things up.” Because there are so many different shades of denim—from acid washed to dungaree blue—explain exactly what you’re looking for when consulting with your stylist, or just wear your favorite pair of jeans to your appointment for instant inspo.

Make it last: Nothing beats the feeling of walking out of the salon with the perfect hair color adorning your tresses. But, like with many brightly-colored hues, denim dye jobs can fade fast. To keep your custom color vibrant, Milani suggests treating the hair with Olaplex spiked with a bit of dye. “I like to add a little baby bit of the [color] formula in a take home [bottle] so it's easy to nurture the hair and keep the hair look fabulous,” she says. Milani also recommends limiting sun and ocean exposure and washing hair with a gentle shampoo, like Grown Alchemist Shampoo. Finally, a light hair oil (such as Kevin Murphy Young.Again) can help keep hair healthy and color alive.


Written by Erika Stalder
Erika Stalder is a beauty writer and editor, award winning author of nonfiction books, including "The Look Book: 50 Iconic Beauties and How to Achieve Their Signature Styles." She is the founder of PSTOL, a site for girls who want to build empires and aren't afraid to break a few nails along the way.