4 Ways to Get More Clients In Your Door For Valentine’s Day

Need more clients? Here's a few tips that'll help you see new clients in no time.

1. Offer a glass of wine or champagne during your clients visit

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend. What they don’t tell you is that’s only if there’s no wine around! Let your clients know you’re providing a glass of wine or Prosecco with every appointment.

Create a campaign using the email marketing tool  that will let all your clients know what they can expect from you during their visit. You’d be surprised how a glass of wine or champagne can make them feel extra special and keep them coming back for more (literally). Run this special several days before Valentine’s Day.

Note: Make sure you have an option for those who don’t drink -- sparkling water or tea on hand just incase. You can buy inexpensive and disposable wine and champagne drinkware from most 99 cent stores, and try adding a strawberry to the drinkware for a classier look!  


2. Hold a raffle contest

Offer incentives for clients who book with you within a particular time period. When they arrive, give them a ticket stub and let them know they are entered in a raffle for a chance to win a prize. This can be a free service, a discount or even products. You can use the email marketing tool to let people know about this beforehand, and then again when you choose a winner. Get creative and have fun! Your clients will love it!


3. Serve hors d'oeuvres

This tip can work in conjunction with the first one. Circulate the room and offer little snacks to your clients, or leave a tray of goodies for them to enjoy while they wait. You can do this easily by visiting a local restaurant and placing an order of their most popular appetizer (Yelp can help with this). For those of you who are handy in the kitchen, bake your own snacks! Some easy to clean up and simple snacks to consider are empanadas, mini sandwiches, cheese and crackers, fruits, veggies and dip. The possibilities are literally endless.

Try looking in Pinterest if you’re at a loss of ideas. You’ll find that by interacting with your clients in a more personal manner, you’ll build stronger relationships. Relationship building is the key to client retention.


4. Thank clients with little gift bags

Offer little gift bags when the service is done. A small token of appreciation goes a long way and clients remember! What you’ll want to put in your gift bags will vary depending on your industry, but keep in mind this is for Valentine’s Day. Sample products are always a great choice. So is candy. You may even want to include a general Valentine’s Day card. You don’t have to spend a lot, as it really is the thought that counts. For some ideas, you can head to Amazon and type in Valentine’s Day. They always have cute little trinkets!


Remember, the key is letting your clients know about it beforehand so don’t forget to send an email! Let us know what your clients thought about their experience! We’d love to share!