Free Instagram Graphics to Promote Your Specials

Today’s your lucky day. For September, we’ve designed five marketing campaigns you can use to promote your specials and get client bookings from your Instagram/Twitter/Facebook or Pinterest page - try it out!


  • Pick which campaign images you want to offer.





  • Click the image to download it. 

  • Save the images to your computer or phone. (iPhone - press image with finger until save bar opens up)

  • Set up a promotional campaign in the StyleSeat app:

    • Pick your Service, determine the discount amount, choose the date range for your special offer.

  • After you announce your promotion in an email marketing campaign and it is live on your booking page, post your new photo to socail media. 

  • Include highly searched hashtags like #promo #deal #special

  • Tag @styleseat on Instagram for a chance to be featured.



  • Always include a call-to-action that lets clients know what they should do next. Each of these images includes a call-to-action: “Click the link in my bio to book this appointment.”

  • Type this call-to-action in your caption as well.

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