5 Free Instagram Promotional Campaigns to Run in October

For October, we’ve designed five marketing campaigns you can use to promote your specials and get client bookings from your Instagram/Twitter/Facebook or Pinterest page - try it out!


  • Pick which campaign images you want to offer.





  • Click the image to download it.

  • Save the images to your computer or phone. (iPhone - press image with finger until save bar opens up)

  • Set up a promotional campaign in the StyleSeat app:

    • Pick your Service, determine the discount amount, choose the date range for your special offer.

  • After you announce your promotion in an email marketing campaign and it is live on your booking page, post your new photo to social media.

  • Include highly searched hashtags like #promo #deal #special

  • Tag @styleseat on Instagram for a chance to be featured.


  • Always include a call-to-action that lets clients know what they should do next. Each of these images includes a call-to-action: “Click the link in my bio to book this appointment.”

  • Type this call-to-action in your caption as well.

Have an idea for the next promotional image we should make? Email us at social@styleseat.com  

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