They say when a woman changes her hair, she’s ready to change her life. And although we don’t think you always have to go for a drastic haircut during your visit to the salon, it’s certainly fun to experiment. 

Plus, it’s important to get haircuts regularly, so if you’re asking “how often should you get a haircut” it’s probably time. It might also be time for a new hairstylist. If this is the case, book your haircut online with StyleSeat for access to some of the best in the industry! 

From shags to bobs to bangs, we’ve compiled a list of all the most popular cuts for 2021. They’re trendy but timeless and they’re here to make a statement. We also have a list of the freshest types of haircuts for men — just in case a man in your life could use a new do, too. 

So this year, when your stylist asks what you’re in the mood for, you’ll be properly prepared to answer everything from the edgy undercut to the elegant lob. Here are the 12 different types of haircuts for women that are sure to set the style scene for 2021. 

1. Easy waves

Oh, the easy waves, casual yet timelessly trendy at the same time. Although this effortless and carefree style can be achieved with a little bit of styling effort, the true beauty rests in a good cut. For this cut, your stylist will start with perpendicular layer cuts (then the magic unfolds from there). 

2. The Shag

The shag haircut is one of those types of haircuts for women that will always be timeless and cool. In general, the shag cut often features chop ends, tons of texture, and layers around the crown of the head. 

  • Curly shag: The curly shag is a popular choice for natural hair, as it works with all types of curl patterns. With its square layers and bangs, this particular type of shag will give you some edge and volume amidst those lovely curls. 
  • Mermaid shag: If you’re on the hunt for a shag cut that works well with all face shapes and hair textures, the mermaid shag is a top pick. It gives an effortless look with just the right amount of oomph.

3. Chandelier layers

Chandelier layers are an excellent choice for long hair to medium-length hair. With long layers that don’t weigh you down, they add volume and definition while still maintaining the length of the cut. 

4. Long and sleek

Long and sleek is a coveted hairstyle that creates a smooth and stylish look. To prevent frizz and get that beautiful shine, this look typically calls for deep conditioning and regular trims. Because of its even structure and the fact that it’s longer than it is wide, the oval face shape tends to be the most flattering shape for these long types of haircuts for women.

5. Tight crop

The tight crop embraces natural hair in all its curls, texture, and glory. It’s an easy style to maintain when you’re on the move and want something effortless yet stylish. 

6. The Bob

The standard bob is often cut short above the shoulders, just below the ears. An always-requested option, the bob has now taken on many different forms. From the layered hair bob to the sharp bob, this short haircut is one of the different types of haircuts for women that comes with a variety of options to choose from.

  • Strong bob: The strong bob is simple yet effective. It’s a chin-length bob cut, sometimes called a blunt bob, that has short ends and is often straight. It works well with bangs and is a good choice for all types of skin textures.
  • Inverted bob: The inverted bob can be as wildly unique as you want it to be — think: super long in the front and short in the back. However drastic you chose to go, this cut adds volume and fun opportunities for styling. Throw some baby bangs with it and you’ve got yourself a uniquely “you” style. 
  • Long bob: The long bob, or “lob” as it’s often called, can be customized to work with a variety of hair lengths. It’s good for all face shapes and is generally easy to style. 
  • Textured bob: The textured bob gives the classic bob a little bit of movement and is a good option for those with curly hair. It’s easily complemented by a nice pair of bangs. 
  • Layered bob: The layered short hairstyle is one of the types of haircuts for women that works well with straight and thick hair. A few layers give the short bob cut some spice and keep it looking even. Additionally, this is also a good choice for fine, straight hair to give it some extra volume. 
  • Sharp bob: A sharp and straight bob haircut is unique and sleek, a trendy option that’s on the ride in the salon world. It looks good with various textures and all hair colors, from gray hair to blonde. 
  • Polished bob: If you’re interested in the polished bob, you’ll want to mention a blunt and heavy line to your stylist. With the polished bob, there’s no messy texture but instead, tons of structure. It’s a sleek style that incorporates thick lines and can work wonders for all hair types and hair lengths. 
  • Asymmetrical bob: An asymmetrical bob is a feminine option that can be done short or long and allows for hair to be parted on the side. An asymmetrical haircut is known for elongating the face, which makes this cute and polished bob an ideal choice for both square and round face shapes. 

7. Invisible layers

Invisible layers are a handy technique that’s ideal for both fine hair and thick hair. It creates volume all the while giving you some “instant cheekbones” and extra definition. The layers are blended so that they work flawlessly—and invisibly—with the cut.

8. Tapered cut

A tapered haircut refers to a cut where the length of the hair gradually changes from one point to the next. This haircut is popular as a men’s haircut, but women are rocking it, too. Often, the tapered cut is longer at the top, then shorter as your move down the head. A specific type of short tapered cut, the fade haircut, is also a popular one, given its name because of how it “fades” into the skin. The super-short tight crop around the ears adds a certain edginess, too, that can look simultaneously feminine.

9. ‘90s chop

The ‘90s-inspired haircut is a true pixie cut that boasts both a nostalgic and completely modern vibe. Most people think that when it comes to types of haircuts for women, the pixie cut can only be attempted by those with a very specific face shape. However, this one is a top pick for heart shape, square, oval, and round faces, to give the face some angles yet softness at the same time.

10. Modern Diana

Named after the princess herself, the Modern Diana cut is some perfect mix of a pixie meets layered bob. It’s an iconic cut that of course has all the right feelings of timeless-meets-trendy. It is also a great option for those wondering how to deal with a bad haircut! 

11. Undercut

When it comes to different haircuts for women, the undercut is a bold choice. With this cut, the stylist shaves one side of the head then tosses the rest of the hair over to one side. If you’re looking to stand out and create a statement with your new do, the undercut is a good option to experiment with. 

12. And for the Bangs!

When covering types of haircuts for women, bangs are a whole world of haircuts in and of themselves. They range in lengths and textures and can be flattering for just about any face shape. 

  • Blunt bangs: Blunt bangs are fun and look good with all different types of haircuts for women. Blunt bangs are a popular choice with long bobs or for those who want a change but don’t want to commit to a big haircut.
  • Curtain bangs: Curtain bangs are versatile and low-maintenance and amongst some of the hottest 2021 hair trends. You can leave them down, put them back, and let them grow out and blend in when you feel like the time is right. They’re called curtain bangs because of the way they rest on their side, gently falling over the forehead and framing the sides of the face.
  • Baby bangs: Baby bangs or a short, typically fringe-inspired, statement bang that opens up the face and creates a subtly dramatic look. They’re the perfect option for people with petite facial features. 
  • Curly bangs: Curly bangs make the rest of your curls pop while adding some dimension with different hair texture and volume. Keep in mind with this style, they may take some extra effort when it comes to upkeep. Talk to your stylist about keeping them more feathery or longer on the sides to make things easier on yourself. 

Now that we’ve covered a variety of popular types of haircuts for women, we hope you feel empowered to make your haircut decision! When you’re ready to commit to your new hairdo, reach out to one of our stylists at StyleSeat. Our professionals are committed to their craft and are well-versed in all the latest trends. When you head to the salon, don’t forget to tip your hair stylist to show your appreciation! Check out our blog post about how much to tip for a haircut for more details. 

From baby bangs to tapered cuts, they’ll get you looking — and feeling! — great with a trendy yet timeless haircut. 

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