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Import Your Schedule to StyleSeat

Did you know you can import your schedule to StyleSeat for free? This allows you to keep track of your past and upcoming appointments all in one place; either from a mobile device or a desktop computer. Wherever you keep your existing schedule, we’d be more than happy to import it into your StyleSeat calendar for you.

It can be done in 3 easy steps:

1. Export your schedule to a CSV/excel file or from your current third party software.

2. Send us your file in an email to with subject line titled “Schedule Import to StyleSeat”

3. A member from our support team will get back to you shortly with an expected timing for your schedule import, depending on the length. Most schedule imports take around 1-2 weeks to import.

If you have any questions or difficulties with sending us your schedule, feel free to email us at We’d love for you to take advantage of this incredible feature on StyleSeat and start running your business all in one place!

Beauty + Cocktails!

We hosted an amazing event last night at our SF headquarters. The evening was filled with beauty treatments, cocktails, and of course great company! Clients from all around the Bay Area joined us last night to get fabulous hairstyles and nail art done by a few of the top San Francisco beauty professionals in the industry.

We had two awesome hairstylists, My Loan Nguyen and Kristina Louise Welzien, as well as two amazing nail artists, Lila Robles and Lizz Hollingworth, at the event!

Check out some pictures from the event last night below, and be sure to keep these beauty professionals in mind the next time you’re in need of a styling or nail treatment in San Francisco!

Beautiful braided styling by StyleSeat hairstylist Kristina Louise Welzien!

Styling in action by StyleSeat hairstylist My Loan Nguyen

Another gorgeous braid with curls on our Marketing Manager, Michelle, by Kristina Louise Welzien!

Stunning nail art designs by StyleSeat nail artist Lizz Hollingworth

The awesome nail artists working hard!

Another client rocking a gorgeous curled updo by My Loan Nguyen

Stunning photo of our CEO, Melody, and her mother at the event. They both look gorgeous!

Display of fabulous nail art designs by both nail artists Lila Robles and Lizz Hollingworth

Some of our incredible StyleSeat clients who attended last night’s event!

This event was a major success and our professionals loved connecting with more clients in the area! We’re very excited to host more events like this one in the upcoming future.

StyleSeat Meet Up at our HQ!

We brought local SF beauty and wellness pros together to enjoy some champagne, make new friends, and get an update about what’s happening at StyleSeat. We had a blast with everyone and we can’t wait to do it again! Which city should we head to next?

Gilbert Pickett and Jet Black

StyleSeat Co-founder Dan Levine chatting w/ some guests

StyleSeat Co-Founder Melody McCloskey and guests

StyleSeat Co-Founder Melody McCloskey and guests talkin’ tech!

On Demand Valentine’s Day Manis!

We went around to some local startups on V day to spread a lil’ love and give these tech gals a taste of luxury! We booked manicurists on using our "To You" feature, and had them set up shop at offices around town. Check out some great pics from the event! HQNails designs by Elizabeth Oro 


Nails designs by Elizabeth Oro 


OKCupid Labs, Nail designs by Liliana Aranda


And of course we had to treat ourselves, too! 

StyleSeat HQ, Nail designs by Elizabeth Oro



The StyleSeat Team

StyleSeat On Demand at the Crunchies!

Thousands of Silicon Valley’s best and brightest got together on Friday to celebrate all things tech at the Crunchies! John Oliver hosted the event (and was hilarious) and GZA from Wu-Tang kicked the entertainment up several notches.

To help some of the attendees look gorgeous, we launched a beta of our upcoming on-demand service! Clients booked their appointments online, and we sent the professional in an Uber straight to their door!

StyleSeat has powered tens of thousands of on-demand appointments since we launched in 2011, but because our clients love this feature so much we decided to try it out as a standalone service. Feedback was amazing, and we’ll have more to share on this soon!

In the mean time check out some of the incredible photos from the night!

Alexia Tsotsis, Co-editor at TechCrunch / presenter at the Crunchies. Hair by Shannon from Cowboys & Angels Salon, Makeup by Heather Amour


Veronica Belmont, Host of Tekzilla, on Revision3. Hair by Adrien from Atelier Emmanuel 




Darya Pino, creator of Hair by Sarah Welton of Unparalleled Hair Studio, Makeup by Elyssia Bar-El



Aubrey Sabala, VP of Marketing at Sailthru. Hair by Sonja Eckre Ritchy, makeup by Alyssa Fonseca



Feedback on Twitter!


Kate Imbach, Marketing and Content Consultant. Makeup by Alyssa Fonseca



Dan Levine, Co-founder/CTO of StyleSeat. Straight razor shave by Walter Bishop-Jones of Barber Lounge.


Twitter Love

Chris Sacca, Lowercase Capital 


Sarah Lane, Producer/Wroter/Editor at TWiT. Massage Treatement given by Carrie Stone.


Charlie Kabul, Co-founder of chronos. Massage Treatment given by Carrie Stone.



Devon Biondi