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3 French ‘Dos That Are Très Facile

Dress your tresses like the French in honor of Bastille Day.

The StyleSeat Team is bringing you three tutorials to help you create your own classic French styles in honor of the holiday. Read on for quick and easy steps to create your own French braid, chignon or French twist styles!

French Braid:

What you’ll need: Bobby pins, ponytail holders, comb, hairspray.

1. Part the hair where you would like to see the braid start.

2. Create a french braid that goes over the crown of the head and ends at the opposite ear.

3. Braid the remainder of the length of the hair into a traditional braid.

4. Create a ponytail out of the unbraided section of hair.

5. Wrap the braid around the ponytail and pin.

6. Create a loose bun with the unbraided section of hair.

7. Set the hair with hairspray.


What you’ll need: Curling iron, bobby pins, u-shaped hairpins, ponytail holders, comb, hairspray.

1. For extra volume and hold, lightly set your hair in curls.

2. Separate the front and back of your hair at the ear.

3. Pull the back section of the hair into a low ponytail.

4. Pin the hair in your ponytail up to create a base for your style.

5. Roll the hair under and pin with bobby pins.

6. Fan out the rolled hair and pin the sides with u-shaped hairpins.

7. Use the front sections of your hair to cross over the rolled hair and pin underneath.

8. Set the hair with hairspray.

French Twist:

What you’ll need: Curling iron, bobby pins, u-shaped hairpins, ponytail holders, comb, hairspray.

1. Separate the front section of hair from the back.

2. Lightly set the front section in curls.

3. Tease the top of the back section for extra lift. In order to create a great base, hold and comb straight down.

4. Pull the back section of hair to one side and pin in a zig-zag pattern starting from the bottom.

5. Roll the hair and pin with u-shaped hairpins.

6. Use the front sections of hair to cover any visible pins and create your own style! You can use u-shaped hairpins to loosely hold your curls or pull the hair back for a super sleek look.

7. Set the hair with hairspray.

Wishing everyone a Happy Bastille Day! For more holiday hair inspiration, check out our featured photos page.


The StyleSeat Team

StyleSeat Summer Giveaway Winners

Photo Credit: Marchelle McKeirnan

Help us in congratulating the 3 winners of this year’s StyleSeat Summer Giveaway: Ashlie Cade, Kent Lane, & Sheila Johnson!

These lucky winners will all receive a free $150 StyleSeat Gift Card to be used on any beauty service(s) with a StyleSeat professional of their choice online!

With summer now upon us, it’s important to look our best in the sunshine. Head to to book a hair, wax, or tanning appointment before your next vaca! And as always, be sure to look out for more StyleSeat giveaways, coming soon.


The StyleSeat Team

7 Must-Copy 4th of July Nail Art Looks

Independence Day is here! And with it comes BBQs, sunshine, fireworks and the occasion to shine at any gathering with a nail game that is completely on point.

Check out these 7 nail art looks for some inspiration that will have your friends envying your summer mani.

Modern Day Pinup

Pair it with a circle skirt, a big sunhat and a pair of kitten heels and you’ll have a look that is retro perfection.

Photo Credit: HB Pilates

Picnic Chic

This look is perfect for a 4th of July BBQ in the park. Classic with just enough sparkle to celebrate the holiday.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Stars And Stripes

This look may be a little detailed for a DIY so make your nail appointment now! StyleSeat hosts many of the best nail artists in the country who are ready to help you recreate the look.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

"Cause Baby You’re A Firework!”

Break out the gems and your nail art brush! In just a few brush strokes you’ll have a 4th of July nail look perfectly suited for a warm summer night.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Holiday Caviar

It’s as easy as mixing red, silver and blue micro beads and pressing them into your nails. Seal into place with a top coat and you’re ready for the holiday weekend!

Photo Credit: The Daily Varnish

Stars, Stripes and Sparkle

Having trouble deciding which nail art look to choose? Who cares! Rock a mani that shows off your creativity. After all, what better time than Independence Day to get experimental with your beauty look.

Photo Credit: Will Paint Nails For Food

The Classic Patriot

It’s as simple as stars and stripes! This nail art look is full of flare, but light on fuss. A nail art brush and a bit of patience is all it takes.

Photo Credit: On The Coast Nails

Don’t be the only one at the beach without festive 4th of July nails! If you haven’t already, head to and book your nail appointment today- before it’s too late!


The StyleSeat Team

Guest Contributors: Rachael Beauty & Liz Brinson

StyleSeat professional Rachael Beauty and Swirl Girl Liz Brinson have teamed up to bring you this summer-ready braided updo. Check out the tutorial for an easy to recreate look you and your clients will love!

Meet the pros behind the look:

Rachael Beauty from Rachael Beauty Studio

Rachael Beauty of Rachael Beauty Studio is one of the top StyleSeat professionals in Beverly Hills. She brings an eye for detail to her work on photo shoots, runway, editorial, weddings, and every day life. Rachael specializes in men & women’s haircuts, blow-outs, styling, updos, and manis/pedis. If you’re in L.A. area, be sure to book your next beauty service with her!

Liz Brinson from Swirl Girl Army

Liz Brinson is a health and beauty fanatic, who created the world’s first multi-category fashion and lifestyle branded blog, Swirl Girl Army. Her blog has become the online destination for multi-cultural and multi-ethnic girls around the world to share their beauty secrets, personal stories, and fashion inspirations. Be sure to check out her inspirational posts and tutorials!

For more how-to’s, check out Swirl Girl Army on Youtube. And if you find yourself in the L.A. area, be sure to book your next appointment with Rachael Beauty

Stay tuned for more guest contributor pieces coming soon to StyleSeat!


The StyleSeat Team

Remember when you used to call the salon?

Well, those days are all but gone! Mobile is the clear winner when it comes to meeting consumer demands, and with companies like Uber and OpenTable setting the standard, consumers are looking to their phones more and more to manage their day-to-day.

We did a little digging to find out just how much clients are using their phones to book beauty appointments, and the results are in: Booking on the go is the clear winner!

Hang up the phone: No more sneaking away into a conference room while you’re at work to call the salon during business hours and wait for the receptionist to sift through the calendar until you finally land on a slot that works for you. Clients are turning to their phones, and they’re booking appointments on their own time.

Last minute? No problem. Sometimes you need an emergency mani or a last minute blowout before an unexpected date, but you don’t have time to flip through the phonebook calling salons. Clients have been using their StyleSeat app to search for last minute availability with their favorite beauty pros, and instantly booking them online. In need of a last minute appointment? Download the StyleSeat app from any mobile device and start searching in your area.

If you’re a StyleSeat professional and have yet to turn on online booking, simply head to your profile and click on the “settings” tab. For more information on how online booking can benefit your business, check out this helpful blog post.

Happy booking to all!


The StyleSeat Team

Happy Father’s Day: What My Dad Taught Me About Beauty

Dads may not have a wealth of knowledge on the subject of hair and makeup, but when the StyleSeat team got together to talk about Father’s Day it became instantly apparent that our fathers made an impact on the way we look at ourselves in the mirror.

Here are 5 from the StyleSeat team on what their fathers taught them about beauty:

Lauren: “My mom worked crazy hours when I was in elementary school and my Dad was the one that got us ready for school and out the door. Since I had long hair, that meant fixing my hair into whatever ponytail/bun/pig tail variation I was into that day. He might not have been the most creative, but he was fast and he never pulled my hair :) The thing he taught me (besides that boys can do hair too) was that the more you mess with it, the harder it is to get it right. So, if it doesn’t come out right the first time or two, throw it in a ponytail and leave it for another day.”

Michelle: “My dad was born in Hong Kong and the culture there is to stay out of the sun to prevent skin damage. The idea of protecting my skin has been instilled in me since a young age, and it’s the best beauty advice I’ve ever been given. Skin cancer runs in my family on my mom’s side so I’m thankful that I was taught to take precautions since I was little. Now I’m a skincare junkie and love trying new products, layering on the SPF, and testing out new self-tanning methods. (sans sun, of course.)”

Lauren P.: “I have really crazy thick hair, and when I was younger it tangled like crazy all the time if I did ANY kind of activity. I don’t mean your little tangles, I mean huge knots in the back of my hair that got worse and worse as the day went on. My dad used to sit with me for hours and hours and help brush them out. He taught me how to brush my hair carefully so as to not break it, and he was always really gentle, even though the knots were enormous. He always told me to brush them out the second they started, so that they didn’t get too bad. He’s the reason I still carry a brush around in my purse with me, everywhere where I go.”

Ryli: “If there’s one thing my dad has taught me about life it’s this: Always be a rebel. Always. This advice has followed me through my education, my career and my style. I’ve always been experimental when it comes beauty and fashion. From my high school goth phase, to my obsession with heavy makeup, to my ridiculous taste in shoes, I’ve never been afraid to take a risk. And when I decided to completely change my life and pursue a career in the beauty industry he was there to say one thing: “Proud of you, baby.”

Ari: “Growing up, my dad wasn’t huge into beauty. However, one thing he did really care about was his dark under-eye circles. I remember as a young girl getting ready with my parents before bed and watching my dad put on his under-eye cream. Even though I didn’t know exactly why he was putting it on, it was still a bonding moment for us to put on our eye cream together (mine was just lotion, of course!). Looking back, I think about how funny of a sight it must have been for my mom to watch us. But ever since those days, I swear by taking good care of my skin, especially my under eyes! I attribute this very important beauty tip to him.”

Here’s to all the fathers at StyleSeat and beyond! Without you we wouldn’t be the confident women we are today.


The StyleSeat Team