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FAQ’s about the new StyleSeat

Curious about how the new StyleSeat works? Read on for a couple of Qs and As.

Are all professionals in the directory? Am I?

No. To keep the directory quality high, we’ve only included profiles that have enough information to be useful for clients. If you don’t have enough information on your profile it won’t be added to the directory.  Click HERE to see what you need to do to get added.

How should I tell my clients about my new page?

Get the word out by emailing, tweeting or sharing it on Facebook! To learn how to connect to Facebook/Twitter, click HERE. You can also promote your page with these Helpful Tips. If you haven’t yet gotten set up with our email marketing tool please ask us by emailing Click here for an example of an email you can customize and send!

How can I get the most new appointments possible?

Make sure your profile sizzles! Because clients will be searching for new appointments to book, you’ll want to make the best impression. Check out this blog post to learn more.

Do you have a mobile app?

We’ve launched an app on iPhone, iPad and Android! Search for “StyleSeat” (one word) in your “App Store” (iPhone/iPad) or “Play Store” (Android). Here are links on booking from iPhone/iPad or Android devices.



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