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How to Promote Your StyleSeat Profile on Social Networks

Once you’ve built your StyleSeat Profile, it is super easy to promote yourself on Facebook and Twitter! First make sure you’re connected to Facebook and Twitter. Then, utilize these easy to use tools:

The Like Button

Tell your friends to Click the “like” Button on your Profile Page. This will spread the word about your profile and increase your StyleSeat Rank!

Show of your work
Share your Photos on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest to show off your work and attract new clients!

Spread the word
Share your Posts on Facebook to ensure they access more networks and get as many clicks as possible!

Send a message directly to a Facebook inbox
Use the "Send" Button to share your page with friends and family!

Share your Recommendations

Share the Recommendations your receive on Facebook so people know how amazing you are!

Get some <3’s

Encourage friends and clients to Heart Your Photos which also increases your StyleSeat Rank!

Make your Facebook and Twitter Account accessible

Add your Facebook URL and your Twitter Handle to your StyleSeat page. This makes it easier for clients to find you on Facebook and allows you to stream your Twitter feed on your Profile Page keeping clients updated on your business!

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