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StyleSeat Student Sign-up!

Get Started!

Go to and click “Sign up for StyleSeat” in the upper right corner.


Signup with Facebook

The fastest way to get started is to click the “Sign up with Facebook” button, since you’ll be doing this eventually anyway. If you don’t, you’ll need to enter your name, your email address (which will be your log in for StyleSeat) and create a secure password for yourself.


Who are you?

Start by filling out some basic information. Enter your name as you would like it to appear on the page, and make sure you click the “I am a student and want a student profile” box. Next type in the name of your School (learn more), and put down the date of your graduation. 


NOTE: When you begin typing your school’s name you’ll notice a drop down menu appears. Make sure to click on your school when you see it so you will be connected with your School Page. If you do not see your school, type it in and we will add it.

What services do you offer?

Add the services that you and your school offer. We started you off with 3 sample services that you can choose to keep or edit. You can edit these later using these helpful tips here. 

When you’re ready to move on, click “Keep Going”


When are you available?

Let your clients know when you’re working. Change the hours to fit your schedule and take off any days that you don’t work by unchecking the boxes. Set your timezone and you can leave online booking checked or uncheck it (depending on your School’s policy). When you’re done click “One More Step”

NOTE: Your availability is not yet customizable, but we teach you a couple workarounds here.


Book your first appointment!

Enter your client’s name, select the date of the appointment, and choose which service and what time you’d like the appointment to be. 


Add a Profile Photo

Upload a Profile Photo to be the face of your Profile Page.


Bring your friends!

If you have your client info stored in another software program we’ll import them to your StyleSeat Client tab for you! If you use one of the programs we list you can click the links for easy step by step instructions. Not on the list? No worries we’ll still do it for you. Just export your clients to a file and email ‘em to us at 


When you’re ready to begin your StyleSeat experience click “Ok, Lets do this!”

Connect From Your School’s Page

  • You can also connect to your school from your School’s Page. Here’s how to Find Your School’s Page.
  • Once at your school’s page you can connect by clicking “Join This School Page”


You can do this to begin signing up, or after you’ve already signed up and want to connect to your school’s page. 

StyleSeat is a great way to help you gain a clientele and learn to market yourself and works as an amazing addition to your portfolio when applying for jobs!

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