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Tell us about yourself in the “About Me” Bio!

Hi! Who are you?

Your About Me Bio is your chance to tell your clients a little about yourself. Go to My Profile/Edit Profile/Basic Info to add information about yourself, your educational background, the professional classes you’ve taken, etc. 

Make sure you Shine!

Your profile picture and About Me Bio are the first things clients will see on your page so you want to make sure they grab your client’s attention.  Let them know what you love about your work, how you got into it, and a little bit about your specialties and experience.

Check out these excellent Bios:

What can clients see?

Your Bio will default to display 10 lines of text, but clients can click “read more” to expand. Put the things you think are most important at the top, to catch the eye of potential clients. When you’re done click “Save Changes” at the bottom.

Love who you are! We do :)

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