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Photo Sharing!!!

You and your clients can share your work!

Now you can share the photos you upload to your Gallery on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

To Share, go to “My Profile” and click on any of the pictures in your gallery. In the lower right hand corner of the picture you will see an “f”, “t” and “P”.


Click on the “f” icon at the bottom of your photos to share them on Facebook!

Click on the drop down menu to choose where your post will go.

Then, write a quick message and click “Share Link” to post it!


Click the “t” icon to share your photos on Twitter. We auto-shorten the link for you and you can either tweet our default message or delete and create one of your own!


Click on the “P” to Pin a picture on Pinterest. Leave a comment and “Pin It”

Here’s how Pinterest works: Pinterest Sharing!

Photo Sharing not only shows off your talent, but also increases traffic to your StyleSeat page which means…you guessed it, MORE APPOINTMENTS BOOKED!

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