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Set Your Availability!

When are you working?

Set your availability so your clients know when you are available and can book online. First go to “My Profile” and then click “Edit Profile” and click the tab labeled “Availability”.

Set up 

Check the days that you work and fill in your hours. When clients go to book appointments they will only be able to book within your available hours. (Note: you can still book appointments internally during “off” hours in your Schedule)

Lunch break

There’s an optional space to block off breaks and lunches. Be sure to fill this out so clients see you as unavailable during this time.

Take some time off!

If you want to block off a day that you usually work you can go to your “Schedule” and select the day you would like to block off. If you click on your calendar and the appointment box will pop:

Click the teal link that reads: “Block Off Personal Time”.

Now you can set the hours of the day/time you want to block off. Click the “Save” button. Your personal time will be blocked off in teal on your calendar as shown below:


We don’t have customizable availability yet, but we plan to add it soon. If you want to open up a day that you usually have off, a work-around would be open up the extra day you want to work in your “Availability” tab and and then manually block off that day with personal time for any other weeks that you won’t be available that day. 

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