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Get Added to the Client-Search Directory!

Get Visible!

We’re so glad you decided to join us on StyleSeat, but we want everyone else to know you’re here too! All you gotta do is complete a couple steps, and we’ll add you to our directory so clients can find you! At the top of your dashboard we tell you what’s left to do. 

You can click on any of the task links to get started! 

Add a Profile Picture

This is the face of your StyleSeat page and will be the thumbnail we use in our client search directory. Choose a picture that looks professional and shows your clients who you are. This can be edited in My Profile/Manage Photos. Click here for help uploading.

Upload 3 more Photos

Show off your work by uploading pictures of your work to your StyleSeat gallery. The more people that “heart” your photos, the higher up in our directory you will appear, so pick great, quality pics! You can edit them from My Profile/Manage Photos and drag and drop them into the order of your choice. Make sure your first 4 are your best! (They’ll be the first pics clients see when they visit your page).

Enter your Phone Number

Enter your Salon or Personal phone number so clients can contact you or your Salon if they need to reach you. This number will appear on your page in your contact info. This can be edited in My Profile/Edit Profile/Basic Info

Add 1 more Service

If you chose to upload our 3 custom services you only need 1 more service to appear in our directory. Go to My Profile/Edit Profile/Services to add or edit existing services. See the complete guide on How to Set Up your Service Menu.

Once you complete these tasks you will appear in our directory! The more you promote your page, upload your own photos, get Facebook likes, photo hearts and recommendations, the more chances you have of surfacing first in search!

Don’t be invisible! Join our directory today. 

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