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Why You Need a GREAT Profile Pic!

Make your profile picture perfect!

An important part of maximizing your StyleSeat page is having an awesome Profile Picture! Your profile picture is the first thing your potential clients will see when they look at your page and the first thing they will see when they are searching in the directory. If you were a client, what would you look for?

  • Smile :). Clients are more likely to book with a Pro who seems kind and friendly!
  • Choose a Relevant Picture! You’re Profile Picture doesn’t necessarily need to be of you but make sure it will give your clients and idea of who you are and what you do. (Photos tend to attract more clients than business logos!)
  • Quality is key!  Make sure your picture isn’t blurry and is cropped well. Choosing between a Pro with a nice Profile Picture and a poor one is a no brainer!

Here are some examples of great profile pics!



Learn how to upload a profile photo

Looking for ways to make your photos STAND OUT? Check out this blog for some cool tips on creating killer photos:

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