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Scheduling and Online Booking

StyleSeat gives you a FREE scheduling tool and FREE online booking! Here’s how it works:

Scheduling Tool

StyleSeat has a scheduling tool that lets you manage your appointments and send auto client follow-up emails to help you spend more time with clients and less time managing your business.


Even if you don’t turn online booking on, your services will say “Request”, and clients can request an appointment with you via email.

Here’s what you get if you use us for scheduling:

Online Booking

Online booking will have all of the same features as above, plus the luxury of giving clients the option to book themselves. Turn your online booking on by going to “My Home/Settings/Online Booking”. Choose your client reminder and online booking notifications, and click “save”.


In “My profile/edit profile/services” you can set up your services to be “request” if you don’t wish to offer online booking for certain services. Just click the “Disable booking online for this service” check box and click “save service”:


We also give you the option to use power booking/appointment padding per service, so new clients can book an appointment online during the time your other client is processing, and can not book an appointment during your clean up time. See how it works: Power Booking/Appointment Padding.

Go to “My Profile/edit profile/services” and click the teal link that says “Power booking/padding (beta)”. Make sure the “Disable booking online for this service” box is NOT checked:


A dropdown menu will appear. Set your times:


Remember: Clients can filter their searches by “online booking” so be sure to turn yours on in order to increase your chances of surfacing in search!

Manage your schedule from your mobile device:

  • Download our free iPhone/iPad and Android apps in the iTunes store and Google play


Once you start using us for scheduling and/or online booking, you will be able to see the following stats on your dashboard for your day/week/month:

  • Appointments booked
  • How booked you are
  • Your projected revenue totals  


Client Importing

All you have to do is get your clients imported to start using us for booking and scheduling! Find out how to import your clients here.



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