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5 Tips to Profile Perfection

Here are some hot tips to help get your StyleSeat profile client-ready!

1. Make your profile picture perfect!

  • This is the first thing a client will see when they search for you or your services, so show the picture that attracts the clients you want. And remember to SMILE! Clients are more likely to choose a friendly, welcoming pro. 
  • Why Do I Need A Great Profile Picture?
  • Be careful not to crop your pic too much so that it cuts off part of your photo.
  •  Your profile picture does not necessarily need to be of you, but make sure it tells a story about who you are and what you do. Make it relevant and interesting. 
  • Check out the difference between search results in 2 of our featured cities:

Search for Haircut in San Francisco

Search for Haircut in Houston, TX

2. Upload great gallery pictures.

  •  Use our photo tips blog post to help you make sure your pictures aren’t blurry, dull, or sideways. Check your photos: When you click to enlarge, do they become grainy and lower quality? If so, it’s probably best to leave these out of your online galllery.

Photo Reel:


  • If you feel like your pictures are looking a tad drab, try spicing things up with “before and after” shots, or use a tool like Instagram to add quality.
  • Encourage clients and friends to use the photo commenting and hearting features to help support and promote you.
  • Keep it updated; clients always want to see the latest and greatest!



3. Make sure your services show up in searches.

  • Be conscious of keywords without sacrificing your creativity.  You can still call your service, “Kellyn’s Crazy up-do”, just make sure you get the keyword up-do in there. 

4. Organize your services

  • Separate your services into categories like “Men’s cuts” and “Women’s cuts”, or “Facials” and “Waxing”, depending on what services you offer.  This will help your clients navigate your profile and services with ease. Find out how to add categories.

5. Use your “About Me” as an online introduction:

  • Use professional language mixed with some charm for this section to help clients get to know you.  
  • Tell your potential clients where you were trained, what you do, and why you love doing it. 
  • Make sure everything is spelled correctly! Helpful hint: use spell-check or have a friend read over your profile to catch the mistakes you might have missed.
  • Proofread for grammatical errors! You have less than 10 seconds to capture a client’s attention. Grammar and misspelled words are an immediate turn-off for client’s searching for a dependable pro, so make sure to double-check.



Now, go to your profile, hit the “edit profile” tab and get started! 

Happy editing!

<3 The StyleSeat team

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