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Share on Facebook, Build your Business.

How do you spread good news?

We know you’re just as excited as we were about StyleSeat being in SHAPE magazine and what do we do when we have super exciting news? We SHARE it with everyone we know!


When StyleSeat is in the news, it means more clients and potential clients will be reading about us and visiting the site to find an amazing beauty and wellness pro. This means that the more people that read about and know about StyleSeat, the more opportunity there is for you to grow your business. This is why every single pro should be leveraging their social networks to help spread the word.

What tools do I have?

The “share” link on any posted link on Facebook is a nifty little tool that helps us get the word out.


  • Simply click the “share” link under the Facebook post you want share.  
  • Select where you want to share the post to, your wall, to your friends, etc.
  • Type in a quick note about how awesome the post is to let your friends know it’s click-worthy, and click the blue “Share Link” button in the bottom right.


The post will show up to the destination of your choice, along with your personal message.

Now your network can see your shared post, and the original network can see that you shared it as well:)

<3 The StyleSeat team

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