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Connect StyleSeat to your Facebook Business page!

Great news! 

Now you can connect your StyleSeat account with your Facebook Business page!!! Just log into your StyleSeat page and click the “Account” link in the top right hand corner.

Under “Account Settings” click “Facebook” to manage your Facebook connection. Click the “Find my Facebook pages” link, and choose which Facebook page you would like your StyleSeat account to be linked with.


Choose the account you would like to connect your StyleSeat with in the drop-down menu and click the save button.


What does this mean?

The Facebook account you choose will be the account that all your StyleSeat sharing activity is linked with. This means anytime you share, promote, or post from StyleSeat, your links will go to the Facebook page that you choose. 

Tip: If you want to disconnect the Facebook account you’re currently logged in under, just click the word “disconnect”.


If you would like to switch Facebook accounts, just disconnect first, and then click the “Connect with Facebook”  button directly after to log in with another account. 



The StyeSeat Team

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